We need to take action on economic inequality. It is time to reshape the economy for a just and empowered society.

We support initiatives that aim to remove both limitations on access to capital and barriers to socio-economic mobility.

  • We are working with the Social Mobility Foundation to activate a coalition of employers, communities, charities, councils, schools, colleges and universities to improve social mobility for talented young people. Read more on the Department for Opportunities website.
Action on economic inequality

About the strategy

Economic inequality is a defining issue of our time. It is threatening health, well-being, institutions and our response to existential threats like climate change. Actions to reshape the economy are necessary for social justice, stability and collective action.

We will work to counteract the systemic drivers of inequality and mobilise businesses and investors to use their influence to create a more equitable society. We will also deploy targeted direct support for programmes that alleviate the effects of an inequitable economic system.

Action on economic inequality partners

We are working with our strategic partners to tackle economic inequality:

Investor climate action

Wholesale shift in capital flows to align with 1.5°C

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Carbon risk & pricing

Carbon risks are priced adequately in the market to facilitate fast and efficient transition to net zero

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Gender inclusion & empowerment

A gender-inclusive economy in which unpaid care is recognised, reduced and redistributed

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Action on economic inequality

Equality of opportunity and reduced inequality of outcomes

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