Carbon pricing is a powerful and proven tool to drive sweeping decarbonisation throughout the economy, but only 22% of global emissions are covered by some form of carbon price, and those prices remain too low to drive a low-carbon transition.

We support the rapid adoption of just and effective carbon pricing mechanisms to drive a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy.

Carbon risk and pricing

About the strategy

Though insufficient in isolation, a swift transition to a low-carbon economy will require meaningful, equitable carbon pricing mechanisms.

  • Our grants to Resources for the Future, the Niskanen Center and Carbon Tracker Initiative support the production of strategic and credible research on the power of carbon risk and pricing.
  • Our Conservation International project seeks to support the ‘nesting’ of REDD+ into a national framework in Kenya that will help improve the veracity of emissions offsetting and embed social factors more thoroughly into REDD+ projects.
  • Our work with Climate Justice Alliance supports their efforts to empower grassroots organisers and communities to mitigate carbon risk by stopping pollution at its source, and creating alternative economic strategies that support resilient communities. These visionary climate solutions, led by the most impacted communities, are critical to solving the climate crisis.
Carbon risk and pricing partners

Some of our strategic partners driving a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy:

Investor climate action

Wholesale shift in capital flows to align with 1.5°C

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Carbon risk & pricing

Carbon risks are priced adequately in the market to facilitate fast and efficient transition to net zero

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Gender inclusion & empowerment

A gender-inclusive economy in which unpaid care is recognised, reduced and redistributed

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Action on economic inequality

Equality of opportunity and reduced inequality of outcomes

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