Women face barriers to opportunity and equal treatment in many facets of life around the world. They are disproportionately impacted by poverty and climate-related disasters and, in countries rich and poor, women shoulder an unequal amount of unpaid care. The time and energy required for care limits women’s opportunities to become financially independent, develop personally, and thrive professionally.

We will identify and fund efforts to recognise, reduce and redistribute unpaid care to help drive gender-inclusive economies.

Gender inclusion

About the strategy

Addressing unpaid care will not only go a long way towards tackling gender inequality, but it can also increase labour force participation rates and economic growth.

We seek to address the discrimination and cultural norms around unpaid care provision by engaging men and promoting effective childcare and programmes that empower women to thrive in the workplace.

  • We are working with our partner As You Sow to hold companies to account by ensuring their corporate statements and values align with their actions.

  • We support Innovations for Poverty Action to support decision-makers, funders and researchers to use evidence from randomised control trials to allocate funds to programmes that have been proven to reduce gender inequality.
Gender inclusion & empowerment partners:

Our strategic partners in helping to create gender-inclusive economies.

Investor climate action

Wholesale shift in capital flows to align with 1.5°C

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Carbon risk & pricing

Carbon risks are priced adequately in the market to facilitate fast and efficient transition to net zero

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Gender inclusion & empowerment

A gender-inclusive economy in which unpaid care is recognised, reduced and redistributed

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Action on economic inequality

Equality of opportunity and reduced inequality of outcomes

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