Sustainable investing is becoming mainstream. This, however, does not go far enough. Our climate crisis and worsening environmental, health and social degradation are having a system-wide impact, and investors now need to take responsibility for how their investments affect the economy, the environment and people.

We will push for ambitious change which aligns investors, businesses and governments, and ensures society reaps the benefits of a truly sustainable economy.

Investor Climate Action

About the strategy

We need a wholesale shift in capital markets to achieve a net zero economy. The rules and norms that govern our financial system need to adapt to facilitate an equitable transition. The real economy needs to change to ensure an investable universe for climate ambition investment.

Pension savers and other individual investors are engaged in sustainable finance and participate meaningfully in the redesign of the global investment system.

  • Our Legal Framework for Impact project with PRI, UNEP FI and Freshfields examined investors’ responsibility to take responsibility for risk, return and impact.

  • Our support for Rocky Mountain Institute’s Center for Climate Aligned Finance puts industry and financiers to work together to implement sector-specific net zero plans.

  • Our work with 350 Africa helps environmental NGOs across the African continent to mobilise finance as a tool for climate action.
Investor climate action partners

Some of our strategic partners driving a shift to a net zero financial system

Investor climate action

Wholesale shift in capital flows to align with 1.5°C

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Carbon risk & pricing

Carbon risks are priced adequately in the market to facilitate fast and efficient transition to net zero

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Gender inclusion & empowerment

A gender-inclusive economy in which unpaid care is recognised, reduced and redistributed

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Action on economic inequality

Equality of opportunity and reduced inequality of outcomes

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