Our mission

Drive the urgent transition to an equitable society in which the global temperature rise does not exceed 1.5⁰C.


How we do it


We are agile, targeted and proactive in deploying capital and expertise to grant partners worldwide.

and urgency

In order to meet the challenges of our climate crisis and deepening inequality, we aim to drive transformational change.


Our strategy targets four priority areas in climate action and fairness in which we can achieve maximum impact at the industry, systems and grassroots level.


The urgency of our climate crisis and scale of economic inequality demand more than safe bets
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Through targeted interventions, we act as a catalyst for realising immediate and long-term impact to drive the urgent transition to an equitable society in which global temperature rise does not exceed 1.5⁰C.


Investor Climate Action
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It’s imperative to unlock investor power to drive the low-carbon transition

We work with Rocky Mountain Institute’s Center for Climate Aligned Finance to implement net-zero emissions strategies in high-emitting sectors

Our work includes: A Legal Framework for Impact with the Principles for Responsible Investment and the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative; and partnerships with ShareAction; Mission2020; and the COP26 Climate Champions.

Carbon risk and pricing
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We must rapidly correct market failure on carbon risk

We are working with Conservation International, Resources for the Future and Carbon Tracker. 

Check out our research series with Guidehouse, Carbon Pricing Unlocked, in our library

Gender inclusion and empowerment
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It’s our shared responsibility to seize the opportunity to empower women and girls.

We are working with partners like As You Sow to hold companies to account by ensuring their corporate statements and values align with their actions

Action on economic inequality
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It is time to reshape the economy for a just and empowered society.

We helped to launch the Greyston Center for Open Hiring™ in the US.

We are working with the Social Mobility Foundation to mobilise a coalition of the willing - employers, communities, charities, councils, schools, colleges and universities - to improve social mobility for talented young people. Read more on the Department for Opportunities.